Here is some info about the course for you.  🙂                                    

I am very excited to open a 5 weeks seminar on zoom where I will be teaching you how to rock your ukuleles with awesome beats and rhythms! 



The dates/ times will be fixed after I will know the number of attendies. 

Final date for confirming your participation is 


Who can participate

Anyone who has been practicing the ukulele more over 3 months and can play a few basic chords with some basic strumming patterns. 


How many lessons will you have? 

A series of 5 zoom workshops of 1 hour each. 


What will you learn? 

* After finishing the workshop you'll be able to make your ukulele sound like a whole band! 

* You will learn percussive patterns, grooves and techniques in various music styles.

* You will learn how to make your own percussive grooves and how to incorporate them into songs. 

* You will develop a better understanding and feel of rhythm.

* We will work on each hand independently, which will greatly improve your overall ukulele skill.



50 Euro p.p = total of 5 workshops (PayPal / Revolut).


What do you need to have for the lesson?

Any size of ukulele would do (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone).


Do you want to enrol?

If you are interested in participating, please let me know by replying to this message and I will send you the optional dates/ times. 


Let me know if you're interested and if you have any questions. 

I am looking forward to see you in class 🙂 



Percussive Ukulele Workshop

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